PSA (MOB PF2 PS/Spu) Key Performance

MOB PF2 PS/Spu Specification:

The Property Services Agency (PSA) Method of Building Performance Specification 'Platform Floors (Raised Access Floors)', MOB PF2 PS , became the industry standard in the UK and has been for around 20 years until the recent arrival of the BS EN 12825:2001 specification.

This specification consists of performance requirements verifiable by standard testing procedures. Requirements covered include dimensional accuracy, moisture and thermal movement, strength grades, fire safety, floor panel finishes and electrical bonding and continuity. The latest edition being (March 1992) of the MOB PF2 PS was given the suffix SPU (single project use).

It was produced in conjunction with the Access Flooring Association (AFA) which RMF are a founder member and includes changes that affect nomenclature making it more relevant for non-government contracts; the performance requirements and test methods remain unchanged.

The table below shows the structural performance of each of the four grades of raised access floor outlined by the MOB PF2 PS/Spu and key performance, specification along with typical areas of application.

Grade Area of use Concentrated static load Uniformly distributed load Safety Factor
Over a 300mm Square Over a 25mm Square
Light General office accommodation with no heavy equipment At least 2.7 kN At least 1.5 kN At least 6.7 kN/m² 3 x load for 5 mins
Medium General office accommodation with heavy equipment. Data preparation areas, educational accommodation, public areas. At least 4.5 kN At least 3 kN At least 8 kN/m² 3 x load for 5 mins
Heavy Computer rooms including comms rooms, telecom switch rooms etc. - At least 4.5 kN At least 12 kN/m² 3 x load for 5 mins
Extra Heavy Computer rooms, data centres, print rooms and other areas with heavy equipment. Specialist applications. - At least 4.5 kN At least 12 kN/m² 2 x load for 5 mins
This grade also required to sustain a total load of 11kN applied equally on four points, each point 25mm square on a 200 x 200mm square configuration