Raised Monolithic Floor

BRE were commissioned to perform testing on a pedestal floor system. The detailed testing brief was supplied by the client and is reproduced in Annex 1. Two test regimes were specified:

  • Crushing test on a single tile 600 mm x 600 mm x 50 mm (12 mm conglomerate tile on a 38mmthick substrate. (Figure 3)
  • Rolling load tests on the completed floor erected at BRE. The floor comprised of 600mm square tiles laid out in 7 rows of 5 tiles, total 35 tiles, (Figure 4).

The component test materials were manufactured and assembled by RMF. The pedestal floor was constructed in BRE’s Structural testing facility by the flooring contractor- RMF, - full test report available.

    Component Details:
                    1. Knauf Giffa Board
2. Domus Floor Tile
3. 3mm Grout Joint
4. RMF Adhesive
5. RMF Pedestal

6. RMF Adhesive
7. RMF Adhesive
8. RMF Thread lock
9. RMF Ped Adhesive
10. RMF Dust Sealer

Figure 1: Giffa bonded joint section (side)

Figure 2: Giffa bonded joint section (plan)

Figure 3: Single tile used for crushing tests

Figure 4: Pedestal floor test area installation in
BRE’s structural testing facility.