Interior Stone Bonded

RMF Domus Floor+ Raised Access Floors

RMF Domus Floor+ Internal raised access floor system is a factory bonded floor panel, consisting of Porcelain Tile or Technical Stone bonded to a high density Calcium Sulphate panel with a steel backing (optional) and edge banded. The supporting system is comprised of a tubular stringer (optional) and adjustable pedestals.

Modern hi-tech buildings require practical and well-designed solutions to accommodate under-floor services and cabling, and to allow access to those services for maintenance and upgrades as technology develops or when the need for layout changes occur.

RMF Domus Floor+ solves these technical requirements with its raised and access floor systems, which contain services beneath a durable, highly functional floor with designed in and easily removable access panels that reveal the void below. The innovative designs of Domus Floor+ Systems allows specifiers to select from an extensive range of floor materials and size formats and does not restrict designers to the traditional 600 x 600mm panel size.

Size formats up to 3000 x 1000mm can be specified and the complete range of Domus Porcelain Tiles, Lightweight Porcelain Slabs and Domus Technical Stone can be incorporated into RMF Domus Floor+.

Design innovations throughout all these elements ensure that the traditional constraints of raised flooring are removed. The new technology allows specifiers an extensive choice of colours, finishes and large format sizes up to 1200mm. Suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings

RMF Domus Floor+ Internal

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