Exterior Stone Bonded

RMF Domus Floor+ External Stone Bonded

RMF Domus Floor+ External Raised Access Decking  system is suitable for large scale commercial and landscape residential projects. The system consists of an anti-fracture membrane sandwiched between double-layered porcelain, and adjustable external pedestals with built-in slope corrector. The external system is water and frost proof and chemical resistant, exceptionally durable for heavy foot-traffic areas, and easy to maintain and install. Joints remain open to allow water to drain off the surface.

High performance exterior pedestals are fully adjustable in height ranging from  40 – 1030mm, they have built-in slope corrector to counteract substrate topography and to accommodate the correct drainage falls.

Modern hi-tech buildings require practical and well-designed solutions to accommodate under-floor services and cabling, and to allow access to those services for maintenance and upgrades as technology develops or when the need for layout changes occur.

Design innovations throughout all these elements ensure that the traditional constraints of raised flooring are removed. This new technology allows specifiers an extensive choice of colours, finishes and  various format sizes,  suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings.

Please see the following PDF downloads for colours, finishes and size variations available.


RMF Domus Floor+ External        Finishes                            Finishes                         Finishes

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