RMF Titan


RMF are the sole suppliers in the UK for the Titan range of raised flooring products with full and comprehesive technical support.

The RMF Titan 26mm system has a unique panel design and is one of the thinnest available on the market today which is particularly useful when the floor void requirements are restricted.

The RMF Titan product incorporates the latest in metal folding technology, producing a high strength flooring panel that will not delaminate under normal conditions .The design ensures a raised floor system that will provide years of service with little or no maintenance.

The system comes in two variants and both fully compliant to the MOB PF2 PS/Spu performance specification in Gravity Lay or Corner Lock versions. The Corner Lock system has added strength and stability due to a machine screw fixing through each corner securing it into the support pedestal. 

RMF Titan Gravity Lay MOB PF2 PS/Spu

Titan Gravity Lay

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RMF Titan Corner Lock MOB PF2 PS/Spu

Titan Corner Lock

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