Obsolete Systems

RMF are able to replicate floor panel solutions from extinct manufacturers simply by obtaining a sample of the panel that is required.

Over the past two thousand years there have been many raised floor systems, however, more specifically in the last 30 years, there were many manufactured and installed throughout the UK.

Through various corporate acquisitions predominately during the 1990’s, and onoing changes in manufacturing technology, these systems are now no longer available:

Atlas Cavco
System Floors Floorscan Systems
Durabella Modac
Propaflor Hewitson
Thorsman Steel Support Systems
Intec Platform Access Flooring (PAF)
H&H Robertson’s Redman Floorplan

The standard module size for raised access flooring is 600mm x 600mm.

We generally also carry a stock of ECO-Tate panels, which are now only available in the United States, ideal if the project requires infilling to the existing Tate installation or replacement panels for electrical box outlets.

If you have a specific requirement, please contact our sales team who will be pleased to assist.