Traditional Raised Floor Low Void

Traditional low void raised access flooring, unlike specially designed "cable management" floor systems have the ability to accommodate the undulations of the sub floor whilst maintaining a level finished platform similar to that of a standard RMF traditional raised floor system.

More importantly the cost per square meter is in the region of 20% cheaper than that of other specially designed cable management floor systems.

Standard raised floor systems generally have a tolerance to the under structure to accommodate a 30mm deviation, however, the lower the void the less adjustment is available on the under structure.

Over many year’s experience RMF have developed a wide and varied range of traditional low floor void systems to accommodate exceptional low floor voids from 10-60mm. (from the highest point of the slab) A dedicated team are involved in overcoming to date any design issue that they have been challenged with.

Typically a void less than 60mm in a general commercial working environment becomes impractical, limited by the effective usable working void for specific mechanical & electrical services i.e. electric, plugs sockets, floor boxes, grommets.

Exceptionally low floor voids ranging between 10-60mm are required for a number of reasons:

  • Where the head room above the finished floor height of the raised floor take precedence.
  • Site restrictions limit the maximum floor void possible.
  • The sub floor variance in places reduces the void to an exceptionally low height.

In many cases, low floor voids are simply screeded, notwithstanding this, becoming a permanent fixed structure having services embedded within the screed, is often impractical, messy and a time consuming process.

In these cases we can utilise an RMF low void raised floor system either in its entirety of in parts where restrictions are perhaps localised.

RMF have specially designed low floor under structure and panels to accommodate any restriction that may pose a problem. We have not been out witted to date, so before dismissing a low void floor, compared to screed, contact us and allow our team of specialists to help solve your project queries.