Low Void

RMF Intercell - the low profile Cable Management System

Flooring system

Intercell offers a strong, space saving cellular flooring system, designed to manage cable distribution in existing and new structures. The Intercell floor offers a complete package of practical and long-term benefits easy handling and installation. With its practical modular size of 500 x 500 mm., Intercell offers easy handling, transport, storage and of course installation. 

Building site efficiency

The practical installation of Intercell offers site-efficiency, small areas can be handed over quicker resulting in a shorter programme and less disruption.

Cable installation

Installation of cabling is much easier and faster compared with ceiling, wall and cable ducting systems. A special Intercell floorbox offers full compatibility to most standard European connector types. 

Cable capacity

Despite the low height of the system, Intercell offers maximum cabling-capacity. The multi-pedestal structure creates a basis for natural cable distribution and separation.

Low height

With its low profile, Intercell offers minimal floor-to-ceiling encroachment and can be installed in existing or new buildings with little or no loss of headroom, saving substantial construction costs.

High performance

With 16 pedestals per panel and 64 pedestals per m², Intercell creates a solid and safe underfoot feel. The load carrying capacity is outstanding.

Low weight

The additional weight to the building structure is 22 kg/m2 at a maximum.

Static dissipation

Intercell does not adversely affect the modular carpet static propensity and static dissipation properties. 

No settlement adjustments

Once installed, Intercell will not require any settlement adjustments or derocking, which saves operational costs and minimises workspace disruption.

Future planning advantages

Intercell has enough cable capacity to suit any future needs and is easy to reconfigure when organisations need to change, resulting in lower operational costs of the building.

RMF Intercell Brochure

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