Fire Barrier

RMF Under Floor Fire Barrier is a high density mineral wool and foil faced fire, smoke and acoustic barrier for raised access floor voids.

Supplied both cut to size or in slab form, the fire barrier is suitable for voids between 15mm and 1000mm and can provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance, preventing the passage of flame and smoke through the void.

RMF Fire Barrier also has acoustic properties to reduce flanking transmission of sound through the void by at least 9dB. Where the barrier is installed beneath a partition line into an imperforate timber based access floor system of at least 30mm thickness, with floor covering over, the room to room sound reduction on the path of the fire barrier will be at least 45dB.

Performance advantages
1. Subdivision of large uninterrupted cavities.
i) To comply with Building Regulations – 30 minutes integrity plus 15 minutes insulation.
ii) To comply with LPC Design Guides – 30 minutes integrity plus 30 minutes insulation.

2. Alignment under a partition, to maintain partition rating.
i) 30 minute partition – 30 minutes integrity plus 30 minutes insulation.
ii) 60 minute partition – 60 minutes integrity plus 60 minutes insulation.
iii) 120 minute partition – 120 minutes integrity plus 120 minutes insulation